Indicative Itinerary – Magical Halkidiki

1s Day
We board the ship at Skioni situated on the first finger of the Halkidiki peninsular, Kassandra, about 1 hour away from Thessaloniki international airport. Our first stop is picturesque Paliouri where we stay for our first  dive into the crystal clear waters.  We spend the night at the naturally enclosed port of Porto Koufo with its plethora of tavernas and abundance of fresh fish.

2nd Day
We set sail towards the second leg, Sithonia.  We visit the little sandy coves of Porto Karas, many only accessible by boat, where the dense pine forests cascade into the azure crystal clear waters.  We visit uninhabited small islands such as Kelyfos and Spalathronisia.  We spend the night at the cosmopolitan port of Nikiti with its many bars and its picturesque traditional Macedonian village set above the busy port.

3rd Day
We set sail back towards Porto Koufo  with our aim to turn towards the east part of the beautiful second finger of the Halkidiki peninsular, Sithonia.  We sail across the impressive bay of Toroni with endless stretches of empty sandy beaches, and enjoy its famous sunset.

4th Day:
Today our destination is Vourvourou situated on the east part of the Sithonia peninsular.  The scenery here is quite different from the west part of the peninsular.  The cliff drops are more dramatic, the nature becomes more wild.  The sandy coves we will encounter are chiselled into the mountain slopes.  We set anchor for the night in Kryfto set in the middle of the tranquil blue lagoon.

5th Day:
We wake up with a dive into the crystal clear waters of the blue lagoon.  Local folklore talks about a pirate’s treasure buried into the sands of the lagoon.  We set sail towards Ammouliani, a little island between the Sithonia and the third finger of the Halkidiki Peninsular, Athos.  We sleep in Karagatsi.

6th Day:
We sail towards Mount Athos with its monasteries perched onto its rocky slopes.  We are not allowed to set anchor into the monastic protectorate but we stop at the busy port of Ouranoupolis to visit the largest town of the third finger before the border with the Holly Mountain.  We return to Ammouliani and stop to swim into the crystal clear waters of Alykes and Drenia.  These are perhaps some of the most beautiful beaches you have seen.

7th Day:
We sail back across to Sithonia and disembark at the picturesque port of Ormos Panagias, approximately 1.5hours from Thessaloniki airport.  Take with you the space and the tranquillity that only sailing can give until we see you again next year.


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